Sunday, March 4, 2007

Keith's March 5 hearing postponed to May 8

At the request of both Keith's attorney and the County Attorney in Keith's Arizona district, his next hearing has been postponed from Monday afternoon (March 5) to May 8 (a 60-day delay).

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Update: Keith Henson Legal Support Fund

As of this morning, Extropy Institute has received donations in the amount of $5,089.00.

A check is being issued to Arel Lucas on behalf of Keith Henson today. Any further donations will be sent to Arel a week from now.

If there continues to be more donations, we will leave the support fund open to receive those donations for Keith.

Many thanks for your ongoing kindness and generosity.


More Henson notes

Okay, Keith is out of jail. He has been released from the Prescott jail on bond, pending his March 5 court date. A summary of events can be found here.

Disturbingly, it appears that he was mistreated by police and his jailers. He was told during the arrest that he had no right to an attorney and was put into solitary confinement in a poorly heated cell without adequate bedding. According to his laywer, Michael Kielsky, something "very political" is going on. "They gave him an extra blanket but then an hour later they took it away," he said, "this is a 66-year-old man with a heart problem."

Thankfully this case is getting a fair amount of attention, including the C|Net news article (cited above) getting cross-posted to the New York Times.

Also, R. U. Sirius has posted an interview he did with Henson back in 2003. Which reminds me, we also did an interview with Henson back in 2003 for Betterhumans.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Keith is out, on bond

Keith Henson has been released from the Prescott jail on bond, pending his March 5 court date. A summary of events can be found here.

Result of 5 February Hearing

At the hearing, Keith Henson's legal representation, Michael Kielsky, stated that they are fighting extradition and requested Keith's release. The presiding judge set a court date for March 5, 2007 at 1:30 pm in the Justice Court, and set the security at $7,500 cash or bond, with standard conditions.

Local Phoenix TV wishes interviews

One of us received a phone call from: Brandon Kline, KPNX Channel 12, who wishes to do interviews onsite or off camera. If you, Keith's supporters at the courthouse (or in the Phoenix area), are interested, please get in touch: (602) 694-1045.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Scheduled Court Appearance for Henson at 08:00, February 5

Tomorrow morning, February 5, 2007, 8:00 am, Keith is scheduled for the "Initial Appearance for Fugitive From Justice" Warrant, in the Superior Court.

The address is:

Superior Court of Yavapai County
120 South Cortez
Prescott, AZ 86303
Google Map

It would be helpful if people interested in this case showed up in court. If you know people in AZ who can get themselves down to the courthouse tomorrow morning and witness this process (** so they can report accurately **) on it -- please call them now and encourage them to take a vacation day tomorrow.