Sunday, February 4, 2007

Arel Lucas's Apology

Posted at Arel Lucas's request:

...I want to apologize for a private communication that I didn't realize was going to become public on a blog. In the first fit of my anger and sorrow after seeing my beloved, sweet husband taken away in handcuffs (again!)--I screamed myself hoarse Friday night with no one here to hear me, and I'm still hoarse--I wrote someone that I hated this country and if I could get Keith out of jail couldn't wait to leave it. I had no idea (but I should have realized, even at 1 a.m.) that that emotional outburst would become part of the eternal Internet, and I apologize for my fit of rage. I promise to be careful from hereon about what I say and write both publicly and privately, since I'm clearly subject to being quoted without permission and out
of context--the context in this case being rage, fear, and extreme grief, since I don't know if I will ever see him again. The context also includes my sense of betrayal by a country in which I was taught as a child that there was freedom of speech and assembly and person, and that there were human rights upon which one could rely, and that evil would be punished, and that there was justice, etc. Keith's prosecution violated the principle of freedom of speech, since his only "crime" was picketing. Whenever there has been a formal assemblage of people trying to expose $cientology as a criminal syndicate, that assemblage has been destroyed by $cientology with no intervention from any authorities. Certainly neither $cientology's staff members nor targeted critics have had freedom of their persons
and property, as the record shows. So please forgive my outburst, and I ask for your understanding of its context. To the person who posted my fit of words on your blog, please post this apology also.

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