Monday, February 5, 2007

Local Phoenix TV wishes interviews

One of us received a phone call from: Brandon Kline, KPNX Channel 12, who wishes to do interviews onsite or off camera. If you, Keith's supporters at the courthouse (or in the Phoenix area), are interested, please get in touch: (602) 694-1045.

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lepton said...

I'd like to tell anyone who speaks to the media about the case, please emphasize that the reporter should look into the facts of the case for themselves. Like many Scientology cases, the actual facts are hard to believe - reporters or anyone who hears about them at first will tend to believe it is being hyped - arrested for mere quiet, peaceful, lone picketing? Ya, right! Tell them to investigate. The more they do, the more the jaws will drop, them more coverage, more exposure of the cult' tactic, more help for Mr. Henson. Tell them don't just go by me, check this out, it's an amazing and imortant story! -Mike O'Connor