Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Update: Keith Henson Legal Support Fund

As of this morning, Extropy Institute has received donations in the amount of $5,089.00.

A check is being issued to Arel Lucas on behalf of Keith Henson today. Any further donations will be sent to Arel a week from now.

If there continues to be more donations, we will leave the support fund open to receive those donations for Keith.

Many thanks for your ongoing kindness and generosity.



CD Smith said...

We need more people like you Natasha. You are a quick-action leader in gettting people activated. [Not to mention to put their money where their mouth is.]


Chris Johansen said...

Heard the news. Wanted to help. Went to Extropy Institute (http://www.extropy.org/membership.htm), which says the fund is closed and directs readers here (http://freekeithhenson.blogspot.com/) or to Operating Thetan (http://www.operatingthetan.com/) both of which point back to Extropy!

One must conclude that donations are no longer wanted, or that the Scientologists have co-opted Extropy!

GuruTruth said...

Yes, is there more information on this? Is funding truly no longer needed, or is there something else going on that caused the Keith Henson Legal Support Fund "at this location" to close??? Curious.

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Eldonbraun said...

This is confusing, and I think there are still people who would like to contribute. Can Natasha please explain why donations are no longer being accepted? I'm sure someone else would be willing to set this up.

Natasha Vita-More said...

My original intention was to create a transitional location for people to help out until something more solid was developed, if need be. I assumed Arel and Keith could do that when they had enough time to contemplate Keith's legal issues and actions. I hoped to raise 5k in a few days and that was achieved. Since ExI is in the process of closing down, it would be unwise to keep it open just to fund legal fees for a former member. This would put unnecessary burden on ExI. What we achieved in a few days is outstanding and I think that if Keith is willing, another fund can be built for him through one that someone was to create and administrate for this purpose, exclusively.

Best wishes,